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Meow Motion™ - Smart Sensing Cat Toy

Meow Motion™ - Smart Sensing Cat Toy

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Smart Sensing Cat Toy has been reported by 94% of customers to significantly reduce stress and anxiety in their cats, with 39% expressing how much their cats love it through email.

Designed to encourage cats' natural instincts and increase their mobility,  Smart Sensing Cat Toy provides a stimulating play experience. Since cats spend around 30% of their day playing, having a toy like Smart Sensing Cat Toy is important to keep them occupied and happy.


The Paw Galore Smart Sensing Cat Toy offers a premium play experience with its segmented body design that creates a realistic slithering effect, stimulating cats with a moving object. This realistic design mimics that of a real snake, allowing cats to embrace their predatory instincts.


It's amazing how my cat can play with Smart Sensing Cat Toy for hours on end without getting bored, and I love how I rarely have to recharge it. Watching my cat play with this toy all day long makes me happy, and I'm glad to know that he can activate it on his own and play even when I'm not around"


Amy, Cerny



🐾 Satisfy your feline friend's natural instincts - We all know that cats have a natural instinct to hunt, but it may not always be safe for them to do so outside. That's where the Smart Sensing Cat Toy comes in handy! It's the perfect solution to let your cat play with a toy that stimulates their hunting instincts safely from the comfort of your home.


🐾 Suitable for all surfaces - The Smart Sensing Cat Toy works on all surfaces, whether it's carpet, tiles, wood, or any other surface you may have at home. This means your cat can play wherever they please, and you don't have to worry about them damaging any surfaces.


🐾 Realistic design - With its realistic plastic body texture and segmented body, the Meow Motion Sensing Toy™ looks and moves just like a real snake. The lifelike design is sure to increase the fun for both you and your cat.

🐾 Keep your cat entertained while you're away - Whether you're busy doing household chores or at work, the Smart Sensing Cat Toy will keep your cat entertained and reduce their time alone in a different room.

🐾 Long-lasting battery life - The Smart Sensing Cat Toy features fast charging technology and an extended battery life, so your cat can enjoy hours of fun before needing a recharge.

🐾 Improve sleep - Some cats are hyperactive and have trouble calming down, especially in new surroundings. Smart Sensing Cat Toy can be used to help your cat play and then relax, leading to a more peaceful sleep afterwards.

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