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BubbleClean™ - Electric Aquarium Cleaning Siphon

BubbleClean™ - Electric Aquarium Cleaning Siphon

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Introducing BubbleClean™ - the battery-powered aquarium vacuum and water siphon designed to keep your aquarium clean and your fish healthy. This easy-to-install device effectively removes dirt from the bottom of your aquarium, making it safe for both you and your fish.

With only two No. 2 batteries, BubbleClean™ delivers high-performance cleaning for your aquarium. Its on/off button makes it easy to move around the tank, sucking up fish excrement and other dirt in no time. This device has a flow rate of 520 l/h, making it efficient without harming your fish.

BubbleClean™ is designed with a telescopic structure, which allows it to be used in both small and large fish tanks, and its water exchange hose, measuring 75CM in length, makes it easy to draw water from the tank when it's time for a water change.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, BubbleClean™ is durable and long-lasting. Its handle comes in black or khaki, while its hard tube is gray and transparent, and its hose is blue.

In summary, BubbleClean™ is a must-have tool for any aquarium owner. Its high-performance, ease of use, and versatile design make it the perfect solution for keeping your aquarium clean and your fish healthy.

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